Anti Moisture Powder

anti moisture powder

We are one of the advancing Indian Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of an extensive variety of Anti Moisture Powder and qualitative Plastic Additives. Accessible in different standard and customized specifications, these products are utilize in diverse industries like Pvc pipe manufacturers, Hdpe pipe manufacturers, Carry bag manufacturers, PP, HDPE, LDPE, HIPS Granuels manufacturers, Garbage bag manufacturers, Plastic pipe manufacturers, Tarpaulins Manufacturers & all Extrusion & Blow Moulded Products & recycled plastic processing industries.

Shakti “Grade – 8.2”


Shakti “Grade – 8.2” is an anti moisture powder for plastic re-processors. We have use special chemicals in this material which helps to remove heave content of moisture. And it also disperse properly with the polymer without lose product quality. It gives its full weight. It could not spread in environment.


Shakti “Grade – 8.2” is moisture removal additives broadly conventional in various applications in plastic extrusion and blow moulded unit & reused plastic recycling industries. Absorbing limit of our “Shakti 8.2” Anti Moisture Powder is extremely high as it removes moisture from the feature for all time & gives new essence & makes product surface exceptionally smooth. “Shakti 8.2” Anti Moisture Powder improves machine ability & reduces production cost. “Shakti 8.2” Anti Moisture Powder enhances machine capability & diminishes handling expense. Our Anti Moisture Powder gives increase to the weight of the end product.